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Porto Biomedical Journal (PBJ) is a newly created scientific journal aimed at promoting Science and Health Research without barriers. At PBJ we believe everyone deserves free access to knowledge, reason why we created this project. In this website you will be given the opportunity to learn the newest top-quality advances in biomedical areas or submit your own work with no associated costs. From basic science to therapeutic approaches, our Journal will encompass the totality of the biomedical field, as well as report on its emerging trends. 

More than just another Journal, this online platform aims to be the place where Science meets Knowledge.

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  • Asthma as an example of non-communicable diseases – Let us simplify the chain of causality

    by Tari Haahtela *


Original research article

  • Genetic polymorphism in DNMTs and gastric cancer: A systematic review and meta-analysis

    by Marco Nevesa, b, , Joana Ribeiroa, b, c, Rui Medeirosa, b, c, d, e, Hugo Sousaa, b, e, *
  • Communication skills in medical students – An exploratory study before and after clerkships

    by Isabel Taveira-Gomesa, b, * , Rui Mota-Cardosoa, Margarida Figueiredo-Bragaa,c
  • Cohort study to evaluate the assimilation and retention of knowledge after theoretical test in undergraduate health science

    by Jorge Josaphat Ferreira*, Lukewell Maguta, António Bernardo Chissaca, Inocêncio Francisco Jussa, Sara Sarajabo Abudo
  • The acute effect of the antioxidant drug “U-74389G” on mean platelet volume levels during hypoxia reoxygenation injury in rats

    by C. Tsomposa, *, C. Panoulisb, K. Toutouzasc, A. Triantafylloud, G. Zografos, A. Papaloise
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