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    PBJ: where science meets knowledge
    by André Moreira, MD PhD (Editor-in-Chief)
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    Why we do need PBJ: beginning the journey of excellence in publishing
    by Maria Amélia Ferreira  , António Ferreira 
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    A scientific initiative born at the right place in the ideal moment
    by Manuel Sobrinho-Simões 

Review article

  • The PD-1:PD-L1 immune inhibitory checkpoint in Helicobacter pylori infection and gastric cancer: a comprehensive review and future perspectives
    by Rui Silva , Irene Gullo , Fátima Carneiro 
  • Probiotics for the control of obesity – Its effect on weight change
    by Ana Lídia Rouxinol-Dias , Ana Raquel Pinto , Catarina Janeiro , Daniel Rodrigues , Marta Moreira , João Dias , Pedro Pereira 

Original research article

  • Kidney cancer. Heavy metals as a risk factor
    by Isabel Sá  , Mariana Semedo , Mónica Elisabete Cunha 
  • Anal HR-HPV prevalence assessed with the cobas® HPV Test in an HIV-infected population of men who have sex with men
    by Helena Maria Barroca , Patricia Pontes, Isabel Maria Amendoeira
  • Study of Met34Thr variant in nonsyndromic hearing loss in four Portuguese families
    by Mariana Dória , Susana Fernandes , Carla Pinto Moura 
  • Self-concept and obsessive-compulsiveness as moderators of anxiety and depression: a Portuguese prospective study
    by Isabel Lourinho , Elizabete Loureiro , Maria Amélia Ferreira , Milton Severo 

Rostrum article

  • A disruptive Big data approach to leverage the efficiency in management and clinical decision support in a Hospital
    by José Pedro Almeid

Case report

  • Melkersson-Rosenthal syndrome – delay in the diagnosis of an early-onset oligosymptomatic variant
    by Fabrícia Carolino , Margarida Fernandes , José Luís Plácido 
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