'Conferências Anátomo-Clínicas' - Award Ceremony: 1st Semester, 2016/2017

By: José Miguel Diniz. Date of publication: 24 November 2016
In partnership with the clinical and scientific departments of Centro Hospitalar de São João (CHSJ) and Faculdade de Medicina da Universidade do Porto (FMUP), Porto Biomedical Journal and AEFMUP (Associação de Estudantes da FMUP) completed one cycle of 'Conferências Anátomo-Clínicas' (Anatomo-Clinical Conferences), of the first academic semester of 2016/17.

The prizes will be awarded on November 30th, at Anfiteatro Nascente of FMUP, at 11 a.m. , counting with the participation of the Dean of the FMUP, Professor Doctor Maria Amélia Ferreira, who will award the diploms and the prizes to three best performing students.

The 'Conferências Anátomo-Clínicas' featured the participation of three departments of the CHSJ (Nefrology, Infecciology and Gastroenterology), with the participation of their chiefs of department (Professor Manuel Pestana, Professor António Sarmento and Professor Guilherem Macedo, respectively), who presented the 3rd year medical students with surprising and intricate clinical cases, bridging the knowledge of basic sciences with clinical practice.

In order to allow for a higher student engagement, a live poll service where used for the participants to answer questions regarding the clinical case, proposed the presenter. The students with the most correctly answered question will receive a visit to one of the previously mentioned clinical departments, two entrances for two biomedical congresses (ABC and In4Med) and two €10 Lidel vouchers.

The first place went to Rafael Vieira, the second to Henrique Vasconcelos and the third to Stanislav Tsisar, who we congratulate for their performance.

The 'Conferências Anátomo-Clínicas' will be back for their next cycle on the second academic semestre on February 15th, March 8th and March 22th, with the participation of the chiefs of departments of Haematology, General Surgery and Pneumonology of CHSJ.
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