About The Journal

Porto Biomedical Journal is a bimonthly publication based in Porto (Portugal) dedicated to divulge scientific knowledge on all biomedical fields, published by Elsevier and entirely written in English. Our renowned Editorial Board, based in some of the most acclaimed Research Centers around the world, works closely together with our modern and fresh Administration Board and our dedicated Sponsors to achieve our goal of making Science global and free. 

The current scientific landscape demands innovation and open-mindedness from all its constituents. Knowledge is no longer bound by distance or frontiers and, therefore, a journal needs to expand with Science instead of trying to confine it. PBJ is made up of innovative and versatile associates who dedicate their efforts to bring to our readers the newest, most important breakthroughs in Science today, turning the journal into the place “where Science meets Knowledge”.


Science is only valuable if its results are made public and debated. More than being another Journal, PBJ aims to represent an ideal of a scientific practice and principles. It is the hub where highly complex research can be transmitted in a comprehensive and dynamic way to the non-scientific community, but also the platform where specialized knowledge can be diligently communicated to all members of the field. It is under the noble goal of a completely free sharing of knowledge that we present this new Journal and invite you to contribute to a progressively open scientific community.




One of the main difficulties in the publishing process is the fees scientists have to pay in order to submit and publish their work. The first step to allow a dynamic model of publication is to eradicate the cost of submission. Authors will not be subjected to any financial discrimination when submitting their works to our journal, thus facilitating and accelerating the publication process, whilst evening out the playing field. Knowledge should be freely accessible to anyone who seeks it. This way of thinking is the current trend within the scientific community and it represents a principle PBJ firmly believes in. Due to its open-access nature, the journal is able to reach a far wider readership network that allows for the spread of knowledge across different cultural and economic backgrounds.


We intend to facilitate the dialogue between Science and Society, ensuring Knowledge resulting of scientific research can attain its full potential as a tool for the development of mankind simply by being in the reach of the general public. With conferences and events open to everyone and a website dedicated to divulging our articles and up-to-date information on the latest research, we want to have a strong impact on the community.



Free science
Among the most pressing burdens imposed on researchers nowadays are the costs associated with publishing and being up-to-date on recent research condutect in their fields. With this in mind, we built this project around one quintessential principle: to allow open-access to science, be it when trying to get one’s work published or when trying to gain access to the latest scientific developments, specifically those contained in the articles published by PBJ.
Wide range
Our ambition is to attract the best research available worldwide. Our generalist approach allows us to widen our scope of interest to all biomedical areas, while also exploring highly specific investigation in fields which are not part of the range of other journals, such as articles focusing on orphan diseases and clinical cases from underdeveloped countries.
We intend to have a strong impact on the global scientific community by strongly divulging our articles on our website and on social media. Porto Biomedical events, conferences and scientific prizes will spread our articles across the world.
PBJ’s website will provide contents accessible to the community in general, as well as become a recognized source of information to students and lay people worldwide. In the mid-term, we intend to create a pedagogical platform where our articles will be available along with interactive and innovative contents.
It is important not only to have the best research, but also to allow society to get acquainted and interact with Science.. We must not forget that the interconnection between Science, Economy, Politics and Health is growing and therefore we aim to promote debate on the economic and political impacts of research by putting together discussion panels with renowned figures in each field.
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