Editorial Board

André Moreira

Editor-in-Chief | Porto - Portugal

Main interests: Non-pharmacological interventions in allergy and asthma

André Moreira (http://www.researcherid.com/rid/A-9504-2010) works as an allergist in Centro Hospitalar São João and is an allergy and asthma researcher in the Faculty of Medicine, Porto University. For the last years he had also had leadership duties on the ‘Unidade Autónoma de Gestão de Medicina’ of Centro Hospitalar São João.
His active research interests are directed at non-pharmacological interventions in allergy and asthma. His goal is to apply healthier environment and lifestyle interventions to be part of the health management, thereby improving patient care for common medical conditions, such as asthma and other allergic diseases. Non-pharmacological treatment approaches that focus on manipulation of dietary and physical activity factors are of major interest since they could potentially reduce the dose requirements of pharmacological medications and their side effects, and reduce the burden of the disease. Additionally, tackling sedentary lifestyle, preventing obesity and thereby enhancing health and quality of life well being is currently a public health challenge with benefits further beyond allergic diseases.
He has been actively involved in teaching and supervising students either at undergraduate, teaching Basic and Clinical Immunology to medical students, and Immunology, to nutrition students, 2 hours per week; as well as mentoring residents as part of his duties on the outpatient allergy clinic; and also postgraduate, serving as tutor for PhD students.
Finally, he spends 40% of his time caring for patients at the Allergy Clinic. The practice of medicine and relationships with patients and their families, not only inform research but also, and most importantly, provides immense professional satisfaction.
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