Our Sponsors

When we decided to start this project, we commited ourselves to an ideal: Science must be accessible to everyone, financially and socially. Turning this idea into reality requires a huge amount of effort and, most of all, the adoption of noble values like being ethical, creative and disruptive, and promoting equality and knowledge.

Like everyone else in today’s society, we need help to achieve our ideal. For that, we have our partners and sponsors, characterized by their fantastic social responsability. We want strong, innovative, ethical brands to come along the journey of scientific publishing and divulgation. Therefore, we approach brands that incorporate these ideals. When searching our website and looking at our supporters, you can be sure you are looking at brands that care about the world we live in and about our heritage as mankind, specifically our scientific heritage. We are proud to be supported by them, and our way of saying “thank you” is to allow as our partners and sponsors only the brands that abide by these strict, responsible rules.
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