Porto Biomedical Society

Porto Biomedical Society
Porto Biomedical Society (PBS) is a non-profit association born in the heart of the city of Porto. It arose from the will and dream imagined by a group of medical students from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Porto (FMUP). We intend to develop our work around three main axis: scientific publication (through Porto Biomedical Journal), pedagogy and interaction with the community.


Porto Biomedical Society intends to significantly improve scientific publication and communication. PBS is an up-and-coming movement aiming to encompass a network of students and professionals from several different biomedical areas. In the short-term, PBS will hold events and publish Porto Biomedical Journal, providing a means to free publication of top-quality science. In the medium-term, we will add to that a pedagogical platform, going one step further in innovating the way students around the world can learn Science. In the long-term, PBS will hopefully have a strong impact in the global scientific community and substantially contribute to a new set of scientific practices and principles.



Our objectives

A new “translational science” – from society to benchside and back
The creation and promotion of Science are of vital importance to us, and we will work as an active agent to achieve them. Because we believe in a world where Science is socially inclusive, we intend to make Science available and affordable to everyone, and one of the steps towards that is ensuring an efficient and free scientific networking. Our events and our action among people currently not involved in science will create a dialogue with the general community and promote a healthy lifestyle, as well as foment a new way of embracing Science.
A change of paradigm – cooperation, not competition
Science, industry, culture. Three apparently very different areas. We know that there are many bonds between these fields and we intend to stimulate these very bonds, thus transforming the ideas of sharing and cooperation into common practice among those involved in the aforementioned areas. Publishing and sharing high quality research through Porto Biomedical Journal, an open-access journal, will constitute an important stimulus for industry and culture to embrace high-end knowledge. Porto Biomedical Society will approach industry in order to create partnerships between the academia and the sector of society where specific sets of knowledge can be applied. Cultural institutions will also be a target of our action, as we search for a more efficient way to spread scientific contents.
Working with the scientist of today, forming the scientists of tomorrow
We, at Porto Biomedical Society, like to think about the long-term effects of our actions. Scientists constitute a dynamic community and, therefore, we have to keep in mind not only the scientists in actuality, but also the scientists in potentiality. We are currently working on a Pedagogical Platform that will be able to help students around the globe, be they undergrads or grad students, but also mature scientists and doctors who aim to stay updated and also people with plain backgrounds that want to expand their knowledge.

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