City of Science


Porto as Harbour, Porto as City, Porto as Science

In Portuguese, “Porto” means harbour. Mainly through the steady waters of Douro River, but also through the sunny sky or steep landscapes, this city has always been an economical and cultural melting pot. Our name preserves the identity of the place whence this project emerged but also borrows on its ancient etymological and cultural meaning, the very nature of what the city of Porto is: a hub, a dot on the atlas through which the world is connected.  This amazing ability of Porto to link people intellectually, economically and, above all, emotionally, guided our strategic choice: adopt a local name, while implementing an international approach. This allows us to keep up with the current globalization trend without losing our identity or ignoring the roots that simultaneously define and protect both our character and our independence.

Porto, city of Science, city of details

Porto is a beautiful city, full of intricately beautiful details and amazing history. Its mysterious streets and friendly people seem to infuse us with a certain mindset of wonderment and curiosity, a disposition of spirit to inquire and investigate – to claim knowledge as something which necessarily belongs to us all.  This idyllic environment combined with outstanding infrastructures make it a perfect city to host international scientific events and conferences organized by Porto Biomedical Society, establishing us as the nerve center from which sharing and initiative stem from and grow.
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